Today Google updated their Allo messaging app with some new features that adds support for not only Android Auto but also animated emoji.

Android Auto is probably the most interesting of the two updates, allowing you to receive messaging notifications without the need for your hands while driving.

Before the update, when you receive an Allo message, the notification would disappear behind the main interface, however, with today’s interface, you will finally be able to interact with those messages, hands-free.

From today, you can use your voice to reply to a message that you have received on Allo with a prewritten response, such as a notification that you are driving

Google today has updated its Allo messaging app with support for Android Auto. With today’s update, Allo message notifications now support hands-free usage while driving, whereas before they simply disappeared behind the main interface of Android Auto.

Auto will also be able to read Allo messages aloud will you are driving.

Alongside this, Google also added some other bug fixes, performance improvements, and animated emojis.

Here’s how Google explained the new update:

  • Animated emojis: Bring emojis to life. Just hold the send button and slide up to animate.
  • Android Auto support: Enjoy hands-free messaging when you’re on the go.
  • Bug fixes: Performance improvements for a better chatting experience.

You can download the updated version of Google Allo from the Play Store today.

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