At their I/O Conference Google is going to announce a lot of features, one of these we already known about which they have just announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, features are being announced other the course of the show so this will update as we get them.

One of the biggest is the new Butter project which allows for a better performance and response time with 60fps, making animations a lot smoother and quicker.

Alongside that the home screen has also been updated with a lot of new features such as resizing widgets and if a widget is in the way it will automatically move to the next page.

Alongside that Google have also added offline voice input allowing you to dictate a message even in airplane mode.

The camera app has also been updated allowing you to easily pull up photos you have just took by swiping to the left from the camera app, you can even swipe through images in a filmstrip view and delete them just by swiping up, if you have deleted one by accident you just tap undo.

They have also updated the notification sent allowing you to quickly reply to e-mail messages with a quick response option, like or comment from a notification or you can expand and collapse them with a two finger swipe, alongside that you can just get rid of them with a simple slide.

Search has also got an update with a new UI featuring cards much like those in iOS 6, showing cards with information on for your search item.

You can also swipe away the card to get the normal search results.

They have also updated voice search allowing you to ask Google any question which seems to pick up voice’s quite well.

The third addition to their new search is Google Now, which uses your search history, Calender history etc which it can use to give you information as you need it, one example was automatically showing you a new time as it knows where you will be traveling, it can also do public transport automatically showing you the next bus or train when you are waiting at a stop.

It will also automatically tell you when to leave for an appointment as it knows where you go and how long it takes.

Google will also keep you updated with sports scores and flights which you have searched. To get to Google Now you can tap the search bar or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Jelly Bean will be released in Mid-July, available today as a developer preview.

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