Its not just tablets and mobile operating systems that Google will be unveiling today, as they have also announced a new slightly smaller device called the Chromecast, a new dongle that will run a simplified version of Chrome OS, and allow the user to stream content to their TV from Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.

Its sort of like a mass market version of AirPlay.

Connecting to the TV via HDMI, the Chromecast is powered by USB and connects to your Wi-FI network to allow you to stream content to it, allowing you to push content like a YouTube video over the cloud at the highest available resolution.

From your device you can also create playlists, change the volume and perform various other tasks, all still available in the background.

And there will also be a beta feature that will allow you to stream any tab from Google Chrome to your TV.

The device will also support various other applications such as Netflix, and it will be able to play content from multiple devices, switching between them on the fly.

Chromecast will cost $36 in the US, available to buy online today and i stores from July 28th, and those who do purchase will also get 3 months free of Netflix, there’s no word on availablity elsewhere yet however.

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