Google has today announced during Google I/O 2013, their new Google Play Music: All Access subscription service, that will provide recommendations for music that can be instantly streamed, this music can then be tailored into a specific radio station.

These stations form a queue of music link the selected track, the next song within which can be peaked at by swiping to the left, music within the queue can also be swiped away to remove.

Music that you have also uploaded can be played from the service, and tracks within the store can be added to library that includes you already existing tracks.

There’s also a new listen now screen, that will show content that Google thinks you will enjoy, displaying new albums and suggested radio stations.

All Access will work on tablets, smartphones and within the web browser, in the US it will be available for $9.99 rolling out today, with a 30 day trail, that if started by JUne 30th, the service will only cost $7.99 a month.

The service will launch in other countries soon.

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