On Google’s Official Blog, Product Management Director Jason Miller has announced the acquisition of the social media marketing startup, Wildfire.

Only four years old, this is great news for their team and will help Google further its social services, as usual there’s no news about what will come from the acquisition, but you can probably guess that it has something to do with Google Plus.

Wildfire has said that they will however continue to offer is current services, “there will be no changes to our service and support for our customers.”

Google have also talked about what we should expect, to which Miller wrote, “The ultimate goal is better and fresher content, and more meaningful interactions, People today can make their voices heard in ways that were previously impossible, and Wildfire helps businesses uphold their end of the conversation (or spark a new one).”

There’s no news on the amount that Google paid for the company but AllThingsD has claimed that sources close to the deal reckon the amount is around $250 million, we will let you know when we have more details.

Via [Google Blog]

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