Reports have been released this week that claims that Google’s parent company, Alphabet are being sued by the Space Data Corporation over Project Loon.

Project Loon is Google’s project to bring the internet to remote places where lines cannot be laid, allowing them to bring internet access to places where there is little to no coverage. This has been in development by Google’s X Lab over the last couple of years.

The Space Data Corporation is claiming that it has been using balloons similar to this to provide internet access to the US Armed Forces and other business and that Google has infringed on two of its patents with Project Loon.

They say that Google and Space Data signed a non-disclosure agreement back in 2007 when Google was considering buying the company, however, they report that Google broke off these talks in 2008.

Space Data claims that they allegedly starting work on Project Loon after they broke off these talks.

It will be interesting to see how this case progresses.

Source: Fortune

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