According to a report that was released today, Google may be in talks to buy the video streaming platform Twitch in a deal worth around $1 billion US dollars, and is rumoured to be used with the YouTube service, making it the first big acquisition for the video streaming service.

Twitch was first launched back in 2001 in a different form, called, a site which it evolved from, and has since taken over since it was founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, gaining extreme popularity with both broadcasters and viewers.

Twitch recently reported that their service accounted for 44 per cent of US live streaming traffic by volume in the week of April 7th, which makes it an obvious choice to use in order to boost YouTube’s live streaming service.

Twitch also revealed back in February that it has more than 45 million monthly users, with one million people creating and streaming content on the service.

As of yet nothing is official, and we are still waiting for a comment from either Google or Twitch, which could be a sign.

If it does come to anything we will let you know.

Source WSJ

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