Google released their Google Assistant app for iOS in the US about three months ago, which meant that no one across the pond got any of those options.

This week that changed with the release of the Google Assistant app in the UK, which will allow you to use the personal assistant on the iPhone, something which has only been available on an Android device for some time now.

Today Google launched the Assistant on iOS in the UK, allowing you to not only use Google’s personal assistant tech but also do other stuff such as play music from services like Spotify with the Assistant, send iMessages from it, users can also add a Google Assistant widget to the notifications panel quickly, however, you can’t assign Google Assistant to this Home button sadly.

Google has promised that new integrations are coming to the app soon.

Hopefully, Google might work with Apple to set Google Assistant as default.

Google has also said that by launching the iOS app, they have provided developers with more incentive to work with Google Assistant and increase them further.

You can download the app from the box below on any iOS device running iOS 9.1 or above.

[appbox appstore id1220976145]

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