When Apple launched their latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar some third-party apps and most Apple-made applications had support for this new Touch Bar, however, one well-used app did not have the support, Google Chrome.

But today, Google has made a huge stride to bringing support for Touch Bar in Google Chrome with the quiet release of the first canary build of Chrome 58.

With this release comes one major feature and that is support for the Touch Bar.

And here it is (btw: you can screengrab Touch Bar with Cmd + Shift + 6):

You can see the support in the screenshot below, which shows how users can now do a range of things from the Touch Bar in Chrome, such as launching a new tab, searching, and much more with backwards and forwards buttons, and a refresh button.

You can also add new tabs and add websites to your favorites from the Touch Bar, however, these buttons are static at the moment, with no playback controls on video playback or tab icon changes.

We expect this support to grow further as Chrome canary is updated and then the support to come to the stable version of Chrome soon after.

You can run the beta version of Chrome from the Google Canary website today, however, be warned, it is beta and so expect bugs and performance issues.

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