Google have today announced plans to own a new HQ in London after they completed a deal worth £1bn to build the headquarters next to King’s Gross Station a deal granting them 2.4 acres of land.

The news which was confirmed by The Financial Times, reveals the company’s plans to build an 11 storey building, consolidating work from their other offices in and around London, Matt Brittin the vice president for northern and central Europe at Google said the following:

“This is a big investment by Google, we’re committing further to the UK – where computing and the web were invented. It’s good news for Google, for London and for the UK.”

That last part is most defiantly true, with more companies gradually making their way to the UK this could mean a huge boost in the economy, companies which include the likes of Skype, Oracle and Amazon.

Currently staff for Google UK are based in two locations, Victoria and Holburn, the new building would mean that employees would all be in one place with a ton of room, as the plans include the construction of a million square foot building, construction for which is said to continue till 2014, with staff moving to the building sometime in 2015.

Via: The Financial Times

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