The Wall Street Journal has just reported that Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, a name you might recognise as it’s the same drone manufacturer that Facebook was reportedly set to acquire last month.

According to the site, Google will use this to boost its aerial technology, also claiming that all of the 20 staff members will stay in New Mexico, and Vern Raburn, the current CEO will continue to be so after the deal has been completed. No terms of acquisition have been stated officially yet however.

Originally TechCrunch reported that Facebook planned to acquire the company in early March, reporting their plans to build 11,000 Solara 60 drones to allow them to distribute internet access in Africa, however if the Google acquisition is true, its likely Google will use them with its Project Loon idea, which already offers connectivity to markets without it via air balloons.

If used with this project, it is likely that Google will use the team at Titan Aerospace to help build these balloons, as well as with Google’s Makani project, which is developing airborne wind turbines for energy efficiency.

However it;s also likely that Google could use them for its Maps offering, using the drones ability to capture high-resolution images of the Earth from the air.

However as we mentioned before, nothing has been set in stone yet.

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