Google’s Cardboard project is one that aims to bring virtual reality to the masses, without the need of purchasing expensive hardware, many have thought that this is somewhat of a side-project for Google, but that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t taking it seriously.

They have shown this today by releasing brand new tools that will allow developers to create more immersive content for Cardboard, adding support for positional audio.

To do this, Google uses technology from Thrive Audio, a company which Google acquired last year, this allows developers to have tools to create accurate audio experiences, allowing for the top, left, right, bottom, back and other channels to be used for a combined VR experience.

With this, developers will also be able to manipulate sounds based on specific scenarios, such as a crowded stadium, or traffic passing by. According to Google, the software can mimic how sound bounces around these specific environments and many more.

Google also confirmed that it will be creating a dedicated division for VR recently.

With this recent dedication, we are hoping that Google announces more details about how they plan to develop Cardboard during Google I/O 2016.

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