10 years ago on April 23rd, 2005 the first clip was uploaded to YouTube of how cool elephants are by San Diego Zoo. A few days later, in May the platform launched in beta.

Ten years later, the service has become the biggest video platform available on the internet, with a user base of more than one billion people.

To celebrate this occasion, YouTube will be posting a greatest hits playlist over the next 26 days to highlight some of the most memorable moments on the platform.

All of these clips will be posted on the YouTube Trends Blog each day from today, each day they will use a different latter of the alphabet as a guide.

“YouTube is a portrait of our global culture, seen through the lenses and perspectives of people around the world. It is a portrait built by a creative community of bold and fearless individuals. Built by comedians, gamers, activists, artists, performers, teachers, and pranksters. Built with cats and rainbows and blenders and ninjas and unicorns. It was built on the silly. It was built on the profound. It was built by you.

And 10 years in, you continue to redefine how the world experiences music, entertainment, and news. How the world laughs and how the world learns. How we shape political events and how we connect over the things we love. “

You can find out more about the celebration at the source link below.

Source: YouTube Trends

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