This week Google released a blog post that reveals details about the future of their Google Chrome web browser.

This future is pretty interesting because it actually involves Google building an ad blocker into the software, well more of an “ad filter” that has been designed to remove annoying ads from the web, which probably won’t include Google’s own ads.

That said, those ads are mostly unobtrusive because they are mostly displaying ads and Google has already worked with publishers to reduce a number of ads that they show on a page.

To be specific, the filter will block the ads that have been deemed unacceptable by the Coalition for Better Ads, which includes Google, Facebook, News Corp, and The Washington Post. Google will implement the “Better Ads Standards” threshold in Chrome alongside a new tool that will analyse ads that may be considered as disruptive in early 2018.

Google explained more about it with the following:

Chrome has always focused on giving you the best possible experience browsing the web. For example, it prevents pop-ups in new tabs based on the fact that they are annoying. In dialogue with the Coalition and other industry groups, we plan to have Chrome stop showing ads (including those owned or served by Google) on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards starting in early 2018.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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