Back at the WWDC conference a couple of weeks ago Apple announced that they will be ditching Google Maps for their own application powered by TomTom, which has left a lot of people including me looking for an application that will bring the previous maps application back, and it looks like we might have one soon after Jeff Huber from Google commented on a Street View exhibit at the Computer History Museum, hinting at the company’s plans to bring an application back to the iOS platform.

Which is great news for all those looking to Google to provide them with a standalone Maps application on Apple’s iOS, especially since the Apple one isn’t actually that good, at the moment that comment is the only news on the application but we hope for more information during Google’s I/O conference.

If you have used the new Maps application in iOS 6 let us know what you think about it, also check out our view on Maps and everything else iOS 6 here.

Via [TheNextWeb] Top Image Via [Gizmondo]

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