10 weeks ago Google Drive was first launched as a web interface and desktop applications alongside Android, and now iOS and Chrome OS, the app lets you browse your documents that are saved to the drive.

Alongside this they have also added a search function which will search documents by the text that is in a document, but that doesn’t just work with text and works with photos as well allowing you to search for whats in an image even though there’s no text, title or keywords.

If you don’t have you can also download documents, as well as adding other users to a document allowing them to edit it. This will also real-time sync between your devices.

Today Google Documents will also work for editing offline allowing you to edit documents just like you are online saving changes to a local cache, once you go back online instantly it will sync your changes to the online version of the document.

Offline spreadsheets and presentations will also be coming soon.

The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Chrome OS today.

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