For Christmas you may be looking at buying yourself a brand new Galaxy Nexus, but if your lucky enough to be a Google employee you might just get one for free as Google will be offering the new Ice Cream Sandwich device as a Christmas “thank you” to all its employees.

But this Nexus isn’t any ordinary Nexus as it will feature its own customised rear panel which has been decorated with a mixture of icons from Goggle’s Android OS and, of course, Google+, the device is also likely to be an exclusive for Google employees or most likely never be available brand new, but it is extremely likely a fair few will pop up on eBay very soon.

Confirmed by The Next Web Google has already started the present giving at their London and Zürich offices, with staff asked to queue for their free handset.

What do you think? How much do you wish you were a Google employee right now?

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