Google has just announced Google Plus events to help you hold events all integrated with the calendar to allow you to easily set up an event. The event can also include a cinemagraphs with various themes like party, barbecue etc.

When inviting guests they can be Google+ users or just have an e-mail, when users see the invite they can accept and then add the event to the calendar app with the cinemagraph added in.

There is also an event detail page including images, updates and details of the event.

Alongside that they have also added something called party mode adding new photos to the event in real-time, bringing a live slideshow to play during the event.

At the start of the event Android will send you to a notification to let you know to turn party mode on, the event page will stream in real-time automatically updating.

During the event a live slideshow can also be played showing guest photos as they are taken.

After the event Google will send e-mails to guests asking to upload any photos taken from other devices and will add them all to a gallery in chronological order, the guests who made took the picture will also be shown in the corner.

The service will also put the most popular photos at the top with the most +1s and comments, your photos will also show there.

If you want to see photos just coming from one person you can do that to by clicking the user.

And the first event will be the Google I/O After Party with some featured guests.

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