Google Glass has always been somewhat of an interesting yet strange subject. Pretty much since the launch people weren’t sure what the point of Google Glass was, or why they should buy one. That all became clear in 2015 when Google put the project on hold in order to be reworked.

Today Google announced the result of that work, revealing Google Glass Enterprise Edition, which is a version of Google Glass that has been specifically designed for use by companies instead of consumers.

They think that it will be particularly interesting in manufacturing and healthcare, however, they will not restrict buyers to set markets and so any business might have a use for it.

Sadly, they didn’t reveal any pricing information.

Nor did they reveal anything about whether or not they would launch a consumer version of Glass again in the future, however, we suspect that they might not.

Of course, we will update you should we hear more.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Google Glass’ new role at the source link below.

Source Google

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