Google Glass has just been demoed probably the biggest feature at the I/O conference, Google shown off how Google Glass works with Handouts by getting a group of people to jump out of a plane, probably the best demo ever.

The glass will share all of the video from the camera live, which we seen at the conference and if you seen the video it provided some amazing views, from what looks like an already amazing device.

The skydivers jumped from the plane all the way to the Moscone center’s roof and into the conference.

Google also gave some bikers the glass who did some stunt jumps across the roof, who went to another guy who assailed of the center’s roof to the 3rd floor, this then went back to the bikers through the actual center to the stage to deliver the Google Glass.

That was probably the most dramatic demo I have ever seen, Google are defiantly not doing this in half’s.

The device they finally talked about came in a nice blue design, and it seemed that everyone else had a black one all prototypes of course, the device has a display to show information alongside a camera to send information, the device also has a touchpad on the side and a button on the top.

The device also has gyroscopes and accelerometers, the demo talked about how you can easily capture moments naturally, the weight is also tiny and is about the same weight as a pair of sunglasses.

Video capturing was also shown of which looked really smooth with a good quality.



They also shown of how the glass could be designed into different styles, like a pair of glass or the more sideborg option.

We don’t know when the Google Glass product will be released as it’s still in its beta stage but we should see one very soon as they look as though they have made great progress.

They have announced the Google Glass Explorer Edition only available to US-based I/O attendees with limited pre-orders for $1500 shipping early next year.

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