Recently Google shipped out developer versions of Google Glass as part of their Explorer Program to the lucky contestants of their competition, which seen users write about how they would use Glass to its full potential, posting stories to their Google+ page.

The chosen winners would then simply pay their $1500 fee for Glass and then wait for it to come in the mail.

As we are not a US resident, regrettably we had no chance of winning, and so didn’t enter, thankfully we still get a chance to take a look at Glass, thanks to some new unboxings that have emerged on the net.

The Google+ users Brian AllgoodCecilia AbadieMatt Abdou are the ones you have to thank for the images, hit up the links to their pages to check out the shots for yourself  you will undoubtedly be impressed.

Also make sure to check out the video below, for a quick look at Google Glass.

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