You may remember that Google announced some time ago that it will be building a new HQ in London, to located between the Kings Cross and St Pancras train/underground stations in London, it is a project that is said to be costing Google £1 billion to complete.

According to the specs, the HQ will be built on a 2.4 acre site, and once completed, it will be eleven stories high.

You should probably put an emphasis on that”once completed”, as recent report is today claiming that the company has been forced to push back to 2017, after originally stating its  for 2016.

This is due to a change in their plans for the building, causing a pause on the construction work for the building.

Also according to Engadget, this change in mind is because Google desires the building to resemble their headquarters in Mountain View, which makes sense if you think about it.

Via Engadget

Source: City AM

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