Recently there a lot of rumors have surfaced that Apple will be ditching Google Maps in favor of their own mapping system for iOS 6, which would be made possible after their acquisition of C3 Technologies, this has obviously forced Google to come up with something new in order to top Apples system, for which they have just announced they will be holding an event on June 6th to present “the next dimension of Google Maps.”

The words ‘next dimension’ show that this is more than likely to show of a new 3D functionality that Google plan to add to their mapping software, but how close the date of the event is to this years WWDC 2012, shows that Google are trying to beat Apple to the punch.

If the rumors are true though we may end up seeing a whole new Maps application in iOS 6, with suggestions of a tweaked UI and color scheme as well as implementation of technologies previously made by C3 Technologies, Placebase, and Poly9, which we know from leaked images may involve 3D maps.

What do you think? Will Apple drop Google Maps in favour for their own system?

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[via The Next Web]

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