Google has today revealed some early details about its personal assistant for the home, ahead of its actual release, which they say will be later this year.

It will be a device that is very similar to Amazon’s Echo personal assistant, however, it will have a Google twist to it, using Google’s services and algorithms to provide you with the same abilities that Google provides on services on mobile.

Google Home will be able to provide you with access to music from your favourite services like Spotify, with an inbuilt speaker for playing that music back, and it will be compatible with Google’s Chromecast Audio devices, allowing you to play music from other speakers, or even use multi-room technology.

All you have to do is tell Google Home what you want to watch or listen to.

Google Home will also be used to manage your tasks at home, allowing you to set alarms, timers and more as well as control your smart home with your voice, with compatibility with a number of existing devices.

Google also wants to work with other develops to allow you to control outside services, like ordering a car from Uber for example.

What’s more, Google Home will also like to Google’s Search service, allowing you to search anything on the web, just like you would on desktop or mobile.

And if you allow it to, Google Home can also learn about your activities and let you know about them, as well as allow you to send messages and check information about personal things like packages, or your calendar.

Google has not revealed an exact release date yet, but they say it will be available early next year, in the meantime you can find out more about it at the source link.

Source: Google Home

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