On its Google+ page, Google has today announced its plans for the first developer conference dedicated to the Project Ara modular smartphone, an event that will take place from April 15th to April 16th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

The conference will focus on the Ara Module Developers Kit, allowing developers to build their own Ara modules that can be fitted to the smartphone. The conference will also provide developers with a detailed walkthrough of the existing and planned features for the platform according to Google.

As of yet Project Ara is a simple prototype, designed to allow customers to build the phone they want personally, allowing them to add modules for anything they want to have in a smartphone, for example if they desire a new camera they could just pop it on, or if one of the module get an upgrade they could simply buy the new module and swap it out with the old one.

As of yet we don’t know how far Google are into the development of Project Ara, but given their announcement of the conference, it’s likely they are in a good enough position to launch it in 2015, well hopefully anyway.

Google also says that it plans to host two more Project Ara events in 2014 after the April event.

Source: Google+ (Google ATAP)

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