Google first published its material design specification back in 2014, designed to provide web designers with a platform that has set guidelines for what Google thinks is a good design, with animated UI effects.

Google has today announced that they are expanding upon this, launching a new version of Material Design for developers called Material Design Lite (MDL).

Google have specifically designed this for websites that use vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

MDL also only has a few dependencies which makes it easy to install and use, and because it is framework-agnostic it can be added to most applications without fuss.

Google’s Material Design Lite is also less than 27KB gzipped.

Google explains more about Material Design Lit on its recent blog post, where they also provide a few use case examples and even provide live code examples on Codepen.

You can check that all out at the source link below.

Source: Google Developers Blog (Medium)

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