Google has this week introduced a brand new project to help teach kids coding.

Called Project Bloks, it is an open hardware platform that can be accessed by anyone and teaches kids coding with a physical platform. They are doing this with three main components, The Brain Board, Base Boards and the Pucks.

The Brain Board is the main brains of Project Bloks, housing the main processing unit, it has built on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero to provide power and connectivity to the system, as well as providing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Base Boards are the modular pieces that you will connect to the Brain Board, each of which can be used to create grids or programming flows and feature a capacitive sensor that will receive instructions from the next block, the Pucks.

Pucks are basically the code, they come in a range of forms with dials, switches, arrows and buttons, and can be programmed to provide instructions in coding to the Base Boards.

At the moment, Google is only testing the Project Bloks system in schools, however, we expect that they will expand it further soon.

In the meantime, you can take a quick look via the video below.

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