Google’s Sundar Pichai has just announced on Twitter that Google I/O will kick off on May 28th this year and will last until the following day, May 29th.

The conference will be held at Moscone Center West, San Francisco, CA on May 29th, but Google will also be hosting I/O Extended events and even live streaming the conference on the day, so those who can’t get the San Francisco on the day won’t miss out.

Those who can however will be able to register for their spot on March 17th at 9AM PDT.

At the moment no schedule for the event has been released, however we can expect to hear more about Android, Material Design and Autos during the show.

Given that the events page has been designed with Material Design, we might also see some news on Polymer, which is the web version of Material Design that the company unveiled last year.

Until we find out more however, you will have to stick to the event page for the event, which can be found at the source link below.

Source: Google

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