For some time now Google has been announcing some of their latest products and services for developers, engineers, executives, and others at their Google I/O event.

And this year will be no different.

At Google I/O 2017 they will be doing the same, with the latest stuff for Googlers set to be unveiled at the event this week.

Google I/O 2017 will take place on May 17th, 2017 and until May 19th, 2017. It will be hosted at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, where Google will show off their latest stuff.

And you don’t have to be press or a developer to watch, as they should be live streaming in a similar way that they did last year.

We will update you when we have that embed, but while you wait, here are some of our expectations from the event:

The official schedule

At the moment, we don’t know the official expectations about Google I/O 2017, however, Google has released a schedule for the event which you can check out here for an idea.

Android O

While we don’t expect a release of Android O at this year’s I/O event, however, we do expect them to show off some specification features about Android O, and possibly release some new ones to their developer preview.

This could include adaptive icons, autofill, and picture-in-picture.

Project Treble

We have previously heard about something called Project Treble from Google, which is said to be a re-engineered version of Android that has been designed for other uses.

Specifically, it is said to be designed to make it easier and cheaper for manufacturers to test and push out software updates.

Fuchsia OS

Earlier last month we saw some images of the long-rumoured Fuchsia OS system from Google, which is said to be a new mobile OS that was designed by Google to create a more interactive and animated system.

Android Wear

Last year, Google unveiled Android Wear 2.0, however, we don’t expect a new version this year.

It is possible that we will see some new features, and we might see some new Android Wear smartwatches.

Daydream VR

We have been waiting for Google to expand upon Daydream VR since last year, this year we expect that they will do just that, possibly expanding support for it beyond the Google Pixel.

We also expect to see some new features for Daydream VR.

It has also been rumoured that they will be developing a high-end VR headset for use with Daydream VR.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS hasn’t had much attention for some time now so it would be nice to see some new features for this OS, or just some new devices that use it.

Google Home

It would also be nice to see some new features and integrations for Google Home, while we don’t expect to see a full new version of this, however, it is possible that we might see some competition from Google with devices that match the recently announce Alexa devices.

Of course, that’s not all that we expect from Google I/O 2017, just the main things.

We would also expect to see some updates to Google’s various online services, to their mobile apps like Allo and Duo, to the Google Assistant, and possibly even a few suprises.

As usual, we will keep you updated with all of this news as it happens.

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