Google’s annual developer conference is nearly upon us for yet another year.

Each year we are treated to some of the biggest announcements from Google, with new updates to current products and services as well as a few products and services to learn about.

This year’s “outdoor developer festival” will probably be no different, it’s set to kick off on May 17th and will last up until May 19th.

Google will host it at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., which is the same place that they hosted it back in 2016.

Google has posted a schedule already, which you can check out here to grab a quick look at what’s going on, however, it’s not going to reveal all, so we are posting this article to go through the expectations that we have for the event.

You can sign up on the Google IO website to attend, however, a ticket does cost $1,150 or around £930.

Android O

At most Google I/O conferences, Google focuses a lot on Android and this year we can expect to see more about the latest iteration of their mobile operating system, Android O.

We don’t know the official name for Android O, which may be one of the announcements, however, Google has already released a developer version of the operating system, so we do know some details about it.

One of the most interesting is the addition of the new “Background limits” feature, which will make sure that apps don’t use too much of your device’s battery and making the limits more transparent to developers.

There’s also a new picture-in-picture mode for watching videos in other applications, as well as some updates to the notifications in Android, with new animation support and a snooze feature.

There’s also Sony’s LDAC codec in Android O, which will deliver better audio quality over Bluetooth connections.

We expect to see some more about these among Android O’s other features.

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Android Wear 2.0

Google already released Android Wear 2.0 back in February of this year and some smartwatches have already received this update, however, it’s possible that we might still some more about Android Wear 2.0 during the conference.

We might even see some new smartwatches, Made by Google anyone? Probably not…

Google Home

Google first introduced Google Home back at Google I/O 2016 so it’s possible that we could see more about it during this year’s show.

We could possibly see an updated version of the device, but it’s more likely that we would see some new features for the original version.

Rumours have suggested that Google may add a phone calling feature to Google Home, which would allow users to make calls through the personal assistant speaker.

It has also been suggested that we may see a Google Home/ Google WiFi combination in a single package, and to finish things off, it has also been rumoured that multi-user support is coming.

Google Chrome

We could also see some updates to Google’s Chrome web browser, with a lot of new features. Google regularly reveals new Chrome stuff at I/O and this year will probably be no different.

Google Pixel 2

Google only announced the Pixel and Pixel XL back in October 2016, however, it’s still possible that there might be another version coming soon with rumours expecting the release of the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL< and possibly the Pixel 2 XXL, however, we dopn’t know much about that yet.

That said, an annual release cycle will put it at a launch date later this year, so it is possible that we may see a reveal.

It’s possible Google could unveil new mobile devices at IO 2017, though we’re putting this in the not-very-likely category.

Google’s Internet services

Google has already sent out an invite for a revamped version of Google Earth, so it’s unlikely that we will see anything surrounding Google Earth this year, however, Google has more services than just Earth.

We could also see some updates to their other web services such as Gmail, Music, Play Store and more.

It is also possible that we may see some app updates, with new information about the recently announced Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat services, alongside updates to their Duo and Allo applications.

We have also heard that there might be a new Google Voice service coming.

Everything Else

And there’s still more.

Google may also reveal some new VR stuff during their conference, possibly including Daydream View 2, however, it is more likely that they will update the current version of Android.

We could also see Google Assistant rolled out to more third-party devices, as well as some updates to the assistant.

We would also like to see some new stuff for Android TV, Chromecast, and Chromecast Ultra, the latter two in particular as it has been a while since we last heard much about Chromecast.

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