Google+ was updated late last night with some new improvements for photos, posts, profiles and communities, most notably of which is the new integration with Snapseed on the iPhone, which allows you to rotate and crop images, adjust saturation, contrast, brightness and more, as well as some new photo filters.

The Android app has also been updated, with more polished post sections that can hold more text than they could do  before, images will mostly be displayed in full, and tapping on a video, photo or even a link will take you to the corresponding page.

Profiles have also bee updated on Android, but only with a few minor adjustments with the addition to only display your current location on your Google+ profile.

And there’s still more, both apps have also been updated to allow for adjustments of the volume of posts they see from the community in their home stream, users can now invite people, as well as reshare and there’s even a member search, content moderation and report support.

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