Today Google released a new update for the iOS version of the Google app, bringing a number of new features to the iPhone and iPad version of the app.

Primarily, the update adds a new Incognito Mode, which will allow you to browse the web without adding website yo your history, or have them add stuff to your cache.

Google explained more on their blog:

“Earlier this year, we announced that your Google app for iOS got faster. Now buckle up, because today, we’re adding three new features that will make your app more private, video-friendly and stable. ”

“Your searches are your business. That’s why we’ve added the ability to search privately with incognito mode in the Google app for iOS. When you have incognito mode turned on in your settings, your search and browsing history will not be saved. And for added security, you can enable Touch ID for incognito mode, ensuring that only you can re-enter your existing incognito session if you exit the app.”

You can read more about the launch of this updated Google app for iOS at the source link below.

Source: Google

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