This week Google announced their plans to get tougher on malware sites.

As part of this new plan, Google has introduced a new class in its Safe Browsing anti-malware system called repeat offenders, this will be a status that will appear on websites that have appeared to have intentionally spread malware, unwanted software, or phishing pages repeatedly.

For these repeat offenders, Google will stop the review process that would normally allow websites to submit an appeal for review, with repeat offenders they will won’t allow this for 30 days.

Those under another status will still be able to submit their site for review in the same current method.

Google says that they have done this because some sites have been taking advantage of its review system.It is an interesting move from Google and it comes as part of Google;s larger move to protect web users, from marking HTTP/HTTPS websites properly to making sure malware sites are more identifiable.

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