Google has today announced that they will now be allowing manufacturers and designers to create their own Google Cardboard devices and apps, something which comes after the company first launched the Google Cardboard idea last year.

The new Google Cardboard VR certification program will provide those who are accepted with a Goole Cardboard VR certification badge, letting users know that the Cardboard viewer will work with the various Cardboard apps and games.

Already a large amount of these apps have been created and are available to download on the Google Play store, and for those who don’t have a Google Cardboard visor, you can also 3D print one at home today.

“These days you can find Cardboard viewers made from all sorts of materials—plastic, wood, metal, even pizza boxes. The challenge is that each viewer may have slightly different optics and dimensions, and apps actually need this info to deliver a great experience. That’s why, as part of today’s program, we’re releasing a new tool that configures any viewer for every Cardboard app, automatically.

As a manufacturer, all you need to do is define your viewer’s key parameters (like focal length, input type, and inter-lens distance), and you’ll get a QR code to place on your device. Once a user scans this code using the Google Cardboard app, all their other Cardboard VR experiences will be optimized for your viewer.”

You can find out more details about the new program at the source link below.

Source: Google

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