As was previously rumoured, Google launched a new Chromecast streamer at their Made by Google event yesterday.

Called the Google Chromecast Ultra, it is a streaming dongle that is capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD content, with HDR and Dolby Vision to compatible devices.

It will join the rest of the Chromecast range and features a similar disc design to the rest of that range. One big change is that it has a “G” logo instead of the Chrome logo.

It is capable of connecting to any of your compatible devices, with capability with a range of applications such as Netflix, Now TV, Spotify, and Google Play Movies.

The latter of those was also upgraded at the event to provide 4K streaming from November.

You cast this content in the same way as you would do previously, simply connect the Chromecast Ultra to your network, load up an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer that is connected to that same network and then tap the cast icon on a compatible app.

That’s it.

The Chromecast Ultra will be available from November for £69 in the UK, or $69 in the US.

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