Since it’s launch Google’s Music service has excited many users, but one feature it has lacked is its previous lack of accessibility with iOS devices. But Google has now sorted this by realising their own iOS web app, allowing you to store your music library in ‘the cloud’, which you can access on any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

At the moment the application is only in beta, which can be accessed through the iPhone’s Safari on any of your iOS devices, in order to access the service just visit on your device, the service is built around HTML 5 and shows of a brilliantly deign from Google, check it out below:

As it is still in beta you can only listen to the tracks you have already uploaded to Google’s Music Service, and cannot upload more music or browse any music catalogs, but hopefully, it should be released on the app store very soon with a few extra features.

At the moment, the service the service is only available in the US, but I have heard that it should be available in the UK as well as various other countries very soon.

Have you used the new Google Music Service yet? What do you think about it?

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