After it was first launched in India in 2008, and then made its way to the US in 2011, Google Maps Creator has finally made its way to the UK, allowing users to create and edit maps on the Google Maps service, in order to improve its overall quality, allowing users to locate, draw and label new attributes for maps, creating new neighbourhoods, footpaths, parks, forests and golf courses.

“Google invites Brits to share and update Google Maps by using their local knowledge and credible local expertise, by helping to update their favourite shops in London’s Soho Square, or Corfe Castle, improve driving directions to St Ives in Cornwall, drawing from their knowledge about world-famous tourist destinations or useful updates of the streets of their hometown, Google Map Maker will make the maps of the UK more comprehensive and accurate than ever before.”

To celebrate the UK launch, various Google employees and community members decided to mp out Beltchley Park.

Once you create edits, they will be submitted to Google for approval, in order to make sure what you have added is accurate, after which it will be made available for all Maps and Earth users.

You can access the new service here.

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