Google has always been one for creating new projects to help those around it, their most recent is Project Loon, which aims to bring internet access to those in remote areas by way of air balloon.

The idea is to fly the balloon over an area that needs internet and beam 3G access down to it.

project loon

Google says this is to help bring fast and reliable internet to the two out of three people in the world that don’t currently have, explaining their plans in a recent blog post.

“We believe that it might actually be possible to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds, that provides internet access to the earth below.”

“It’s very early days, but we’ve built a system that uses balloons, carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes, to beam internet access to the ground at speeds similar to today’s 3G networks or faster.”

At the moment the company is only testing the project within New Zealand, launching 30 balloons earlier this week, a group of 50 testers have already been given access to the service.

However Google aims to expand this much further in the next few years.

Source: Google Blog

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