A lot of Google users will have multiple accounts on Google+, especially if you are a business user if you have one for corporate and another for personal use, but there is one problem with this, it can be a major hassle signing in and signing our of accounts for multiple purposes.

That’s why I personally salute Google’s newest feature named Takeout, the tool will allow users to merge all of their connections  from multiple accounts into one, in order to transfer your account there are a few steps however which have been explained on Google’s help page.

The first is that you will have to wait seven days for Google to start transferring your connections, once the wait is over Google will then transfer your account which will take sometime with 48 hours, during which you will not be able to share content, add or remove users from circles or block and ignore people, after its done however anyone with either account in anyone of their circles will see the same profile.

Unfortunately, comments and posts won’t be transferred from the old account to the new one, so you’ll have back up anything you want to keep before you start.

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