This week Google released a new update for their Google Maps application on both Android and iOS, bringing a number of new features including a new parking reminder feature that should help you remember where you parked.

To use it, you can tap on the blue dot on the map to mark your current location, once tapped it will bring up a menu that will include a new “Save your parking” option. Click that and a green dot with an ‘P’ will appear on the map, marking where you parked.

You can also fine-tune this marked address from the add, write notes about your parking, add pictures to your notes, and set a time for the expiration of a parking meter.

You can also get notifications about the expiration of this parking meter.

On top of all of this, when you pair a phone to a car via USB or Bluetooth Maps will detect it and then when you disable that connection, the app will automatically take note the location that you disconnecting and taking note of the location that you parked in the process.

You can update your app on Android and iOS to try out the feature today.

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