In a turn of events that I’m not really sure of, Nintendo have announced that the Wii U will be receiving the Google Maps application, with Street View features.

The President of the company, Satoru Iwata demonstrated the app during todays Nintendo Direct video conference in which he showed how the Street View feature will be displayed on the GamePad’s screen whilst the TV displayed an overhead map view.

The app will also make use of the GamePad’s accelerometer which will allow users to move the controller 360 degrees in any direction to navigate the Street View display, he also shown how it was possible to project the Street View image onto the TV whilst looking around by moving the GamePad.

Within the demo the app locked to be extremely smooth, and provided a laggless Panorama View which is due to be released in spring 2013 and will 360 degree view of scenes and videos from a selection of scenes and will be available completely free for the first two months in Japan, but Nintendo did mention that in the UK and US the application will be paid.

The Google Maps application will however launch in Q1 of 2013, with the Japanese version launching by the end of January, but no pricing structure has been announced yet.

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