This week Google added the ability to allow developers to publish an app for their Daydream VR platform.

Previously, this platform was only available to a select group of partners, however, as of today, anyone can design and submit their own Daydream app on the Play Store, in a similar way to any other Android app.

This comes after Google promised to open up the platform to developers in 2017 when they first announced the platform.

However, Google will only accept certain apps for the Daydream platform in order to meet a certain level of quality.

To provide developers with information about that, Google has published a page of quality requirements, which you can use to ensure your VR app meets Google’s standards.

They also have some assets to use alongside your VR app, with a 360-degree photosphere and VR icon, along with a Motion Intensity Rating that you can use for your Daydream app.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Google

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