With companies always wanting more money, you can find an advert pretty much everywhere but as of yet they haven’t gone as far to intrude our personal life’s, but according to Engadget, Google is looking to do just that with their new patent, which will basically allow the phone to play an advertisement instead of the ringing you hear whilst you are waiting for the caller to pick up:

Some advertisers also advertise with phone calls. The advertisers call the consumer and when the consumer answers, the advertisement starts to play. Audio advertisements, however, can unnecessarily bother consumers who do not want to be disturbed by phone calls with advertising information. Providing the audio advertisements at a time that is otherwise filled with a ring tone or other pre-recorded audio, however, can allow the advertiser to advertise while at the same time, not disturb the consumer because the consumer would have to otherwise listen to some other form of audio. [emphasis added]

IT’s extremely unlikely that Google would ever actually apply this but as long as it’s an idea it could be possible and just goes to show how far companies like Google will go to shove advertisements in your face.

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