Today Google released a new version of their Google Photos application for iOS and Android

The updated version of Google Photos was released for the iPhone and iPad today, bringing a number of improvements to the app that they hope will make your experience with the app better.

One of the headline features is a faster backup process as well as faster image sharing right from the Google Photos app.

Today we’re rolling out two new features on Android and iOS to make backup and sharing easier on low connectivity. Now your photos will back up automatically in a lightweight preview quality that’s fast on 2G connections and still looks great on a smartphone. And when a good Wi-Fi connection becomes available, your backed up photos will be replaced with high-quality versions.

We’re also making it easier to share many photos at once even on low connectivity. Never mind if you’re at the beach or hiking in the mountains, with Google Photos you can now share pictures quickly even with a spotty connection by sending first in low resolution so friends and family can view them right away. They’ll later update in higher resolution when connectivity permits.

They have done this with a new lightweight preview feature for photos, which will process smaller images on a slower connection or the full photo on a faster connection.

You can download the new version of Google Photos for iOS on both iPhone and iPad today. It should also be available for Android devices soon.

You can read more about it and other news from Google at the source link below.

Source: Google

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