One of the worst things about giving feedback on something you have purchased is not receiving a reply, which is also one of the worst things about the various App Stores on tablets and smartphones, especially when you have a major problem that you want a fix to straight away.

Thankfully Google have seen this problem and introduced a new system which will allow app developers to actually reply to the feedback given on their applications, this will allow them to give answers for your questions, provide support for those in need and bring an overall sense of good service within the Google Play store.

Which I think is great but can come with some problems, for instance on an app like Angry Birds the developer (in this case Rovio) would be receiving tons of comments a day, how do they find the time to sort through all of them?

And that’s why I think this feature might not be completely ready yet, and so does Google apparently as they have only started testing this feature with developers who have earned the Top Developer badge, with an all out rollout in the near future.

[via AndroidSpin]

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