It looks as if Google may be looking to challenge Apples Game Center after all, with a new leak suggesting that the company will soon release a new Google Play version of Apple’s competitive gaming application.

First discovered be Android Police, the app is said to be called Google Play Games, which was found within the most recent version of the Android OS.

Discovered by Android news website, Android Police, the new offering, called Google Play

The site reported that they “managed to score a copy of the new Google Play Services v3.1.36, which is very slowly rolling out to devices right now”.

google play games 2

The app is said to link with the users Google file to share achievements as well as sync save game files, there’s also leaderboards, multiplayer integration and achievements.

We don’t know anything official yet however, but we should know more on Wednesday, when Google I/O is set to kick off.

Via: Android Police

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