Some of you may remember last years announcement of a new web library called Google Polymer, set to bring the Android feel to the web, Google Polymer is a library that allows for the addition of a sleek design and cool animations.

Today Taylor Savage, the Product Manage at Google Polymer announced an update to that library with the launch on version 1.0.

Set to bring web developers a new way to construct web applications with a bunch of new content and web components, Polymer is set to change the way we look at the web.

With 1.0 comes a new data-binding system, element theming and styling using custom CSS properties, a new Shadow DIM shim for non-supporting browsers and more.

“These elements can then be put together to create app-like immersive experiences on the web. Since the “Developer Preview” release, we’ve re-written the library from the ground up, focusing on cross-browser performance while keeping the developer-friendly ergonomics. The new library is about 3x faster on Chrome, 4x faster on Safari, and a third less code than in developer preview. And it’s ready to be used in production applications.”

You can find out more about Google Polymer at the official Google developer website below.

Source: Google

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