Google has today posted its earnings report for the Q1 2015 period, showing results that are less than the analysts’ expectations.

In the report the company announced revenue of $17.26 billion, which is up from last year’s figure of $15.42 billion. Their operating income also had a 26% increase over one year to $4.45 billion, with earnings per share at $6.57.

Analysts posted expectations that suggested Google’s revenue would be at $17.50 billion, with $6.61 in earnings per share.

The reason for the large amount of Google’s revenue is because of its advertising business. Within which Google says that they has a 13 per cent year-of-year gain in aggregate paid clicks (analysts predicted 14.8 per cent), and cost-per-click dropped 7 per cent year over year (analysts suggested a 1.9 per cent decline).

According to some sources the revenue decline may also be due to advertising, because of Google not charging as much for mobile advertising as they do with desktop advertising, they could be losing revenue there.

Some also suggest that its mobile market is shrinking due to the addition of many new mobile advertising services.

We should hear more details about Google’s plans and their own opinion after this earnings report during their conference call at 2 PM PST.

Source: Google

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