Since May this year Andriod users in the US have been able to take advantage of Google’s newest rental service through the Andriod Market on their range of devices, this has since changed for us Brits allowing anyone in the UK to access over a 1000 rentals for as little as £2.49 per film.

If you are wondering the service will work by allowing you to first purchase the rental from the Andriod Market, once you have done this your chosen film will be downloaded to you device, giving you 30 days to watch the movie, but once you have pressed play you will only have 48 hours to complete the film, once this time is up the film will be removed from your device.

Much like Apple’s rental service, rentals will not be limited to the device you purchased the film on either allowing you to watch your film on any film which you are logged into with the same account.

Have you tried the service yet? What do you think about it? How do you think it compares with Apple’s rental service?

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