[UPDATE] Google confirmed to PC World that they have cancelled development of Project Ara, you can read more at the link blow.

Update source: PC World

[ORIGINAL STORY] This week Reuters revealed some sad news for the prospect of modular smartphones.

And that is that according to their sources, the development of Google’s modular smartphone, Project Ara has been suspended.

It has been claimed that the interchangeable phone concept has been shelved in order to streamline Google’s other hardware products.

This is as according to two separate, unnamed sources who say that the project was suspended in a similar way to what they did with Google Glass last year.

It was previously expected that Google would ship development units of Project Ara at the end of this year, with a consumer model to be shipped in 2017.

However, according to this new report by Reuters, this may not be the case still. This is quite a surprise, given that Google only announced partners for the project back at their conference in May.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Google yet.

You can read the report from Reuters at the source link below.

Source: Reuters

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